Tallents Partnership

The Tallents Partnership works with business leaders to establish how we can improve leadership capability within the organisation. This often involves directly supporting the leader with a coaching or mentoring intervention and then focusing on how we develop a high performance leadership team. Our services can involve any of the following:


Self-aware leaders are not afraid to ask for support to maximise their full potential and we understand how lonely it can be at the top. We assist individuals to improve their performance and focus on the things that matter. Executive Coaching is recognised as one of the most powerful and versatile change management tools available today. The provision of qualified coaches, as part of a well designed and integrated executive coaching programme, can provide outstanding results that ensure maximum return on investment. Our network of coaches are experienced across a broad range of sectors and are accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Leadership Assessment Services

Our leadership assessment services are used to identify, evaluate, and develop existing leaders’ potential and capabilities. Our tools for conducting leadership assessments are tailored web-based 360° evaluations, reference taking, interviews and customized tests. By using these tools and our extensive experience we gain an accurate picture of the leaders in an organization. We can thus provide both the assessed individuals and the client management team with accurate feedback and suggestions for leadership development programmes.

Career Management Coaching

We work with executives during career transition offering personalised coaching programmes as individuals move through to the next phase of their career. This can be as a result of redundancy, return from secondment, promotion, retirement or development of a Non-Executive portfolio. The Tallents Partnership’s experienced consultants listen to the needs of the individuals to devise a bespoke support plan and provide one to one advisory sessions and access to our extensive network of human capital solutions professionals. Many of our clients who have used our services over the years choose to become part of the Tallents Partnership Alumni to help others moving through career transition for the first time.

Onboarding Services

Our onboarding coaching focuses on ensuring that the newly appointed executive takes ownership for their induction into their new business.

We provide three separate face to face coaching sessions to the executive.

The first takes place one month before they start in their new role. The focus of this session is to ensure that they disengage from their previous company in a positive and professional manner to encourage a positive mindset on joining their new business.

The second session takes place one month after the executive has started their new role and focuses on creating a stakeholder map that clearly outlines key decision makers and stakeholders that are critical to the sustainable long term success of the executive. Actions from this session include personal stakeholder action plans and robust strategies to ensure they manage their time effectively in the months ahead.

The third and final session can take place at any time in the early months of tenure with the new organisation. This session focuses on building on the learning that has already taken place and results in a robust action plan of deliverable goals in the first 12 months. This is often shared with the executive’s line manager.

The whole process is managed by an experienced executive coach who understands the challenges involved in joining a new organisation.

The benefit for the organisation is that the onboarding coaching is tailored to the individual executive and is owned and delivered by them taking time and responsibility away from the company employing them.