We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

The Tallents Partnership is a trusted adviser to business leaders around the world. Our clients are Board Directors and functional leaders who recognise the importance of human capital in their companies. Our purpose is to support leaders when making key decisions about their senior management teams in order to improve the effectiveness of their organisations. We are passionate about promoting cognitive diversity within every organisation and believe that leaders should never compromise on the quality of talent within their senior management teams.

The first step to improving the performance of your organisation is recognising that as a leader you have the responsibility to fulfil your own leadership potential and that you need others to help you achieve this

– Andrew Tallents

Andrew Tallents

Why Choose Us?

The Tallents Partnership was formed by Andrew Tallents to bring together leading Human Capital consulting specialists with a common purpose to transform the leadership capability within a wide variety of organisations. We are active and engaged listeners who use our decades of experience to tailor a solution that works for you and your business. We are prepared to challenge your thinking and work in partnership with your senior leadership team to transform their collective capability using an approach that is objective and sustainable in the long term.

Andrew Tallents

Andrew has over twenty years experience in delivering a wide range of human capital solutions to a variety of organisations. Working between our London and Liverpool offices he enjoys working with leaders who are ambitious for themselves and their organisations. Andrew believes that successful business partnerships working towards delivering leadership excellence tend to be based around mutual respect and having some fun on the journey. Andrew is proud of his family and circle of friends and associates. When he is not supporting his clients he enjoys working towards fulfilling his potential on the golf course.