Tallents Partnership

The Tallents Partnership works with business leaders to establish how we can improve leadership capability within the organisation. This often involves directly supporting the leader with a coaching or mentoring intervention and then focusing on how we develop a high performance leadership team. Our services can involve any of the following:


Self-aware leaders are not afraid to ask for support to maximise their full potential and we understand how lonely it can be at the top. We assist individuals to improve their performance and focus on the things that matter. Executive Coaching is recognised as one of the most powerful and versatile change management tools available today. The provision of qualified coaches, as part of a well designed and integrated executive coaching programme, can provide outstanding results that ensure maximum return on investment. Our network of coaches are experienced across a broad range of sectors and are accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Leadership Assessment Services

Our leadership assessment services are used to identify, evaluate, and develop existing leaders’ potential and capabilities. Our tools for conducting leadership assessments are tailored web-based 360° evaluations, reference taking, interviews and customized tests. By using these tools and our extensive experience we gain an accurate picture of the leaders in an organization. We can thus provide both the assessed individuals and the client management team with accurate feedback and suggestions for leadership development programmes.

Career Management Coaching

We work with executives during career transition offering personalised coaching programmes as individuals move through to the next phase of their career. This can be as a result of redundancy, return from secondment, promotion, retirement or development of a Non-Executive portfolio. The Tallents Partnership’s experienced consultants listen to the needs of the individuals to devise a bespoke support plan and provide one to one advisory sessions and access to our extensive network of human capital solutions professionals. Many of our clients who have used our services over the years choose to become part of the Tallents Partnership Alumni to help others moving through career transition for the first time.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping allows organisations to adopt a strategic rather than an operational approach to hiring. This is often seen as vital when business leaders want to understand the current talent landscape to ensure that they can identify and recruit candidates for senior positions or where there is a shortage of relevant expertise. The Tallents Partnership’s Mapping service is often used by businesses whose internal talent team lacks the capacity or specialist skills but requires additional support to increase the pool of qualified candidates. These projects are particularly effective when searching for specialist skills or a pool of diverse candidates that are going to be in demand over a period of months or years.

Interim Management

Business leaders have to cope with unexpected surprises or gaps in the strength of their management team caused by crisis, lack of succession and bandwidth. Interim leaders are therefore an ideal tactical resource for change programmes, sudden departures, or one-off projects. Our interim leaders operate across most industry sectors and bring track record and best practice into the businesses they serve at pace. Once we fully understand your requirements, we quickly identify known executives from within our network and provide you with a shortlist. Candidates will have been endorsed by previous clients, interviewed, psychometrically tested and come with detailed profiles. Most importantly they will have the skills and experience relevant to your business.

Board & Leadership Search

Successful Chairs & CEOs fully understand the importance of building diverse and highly effective leadership teams. We work closely with leaders to assess current team effectiveness and define the requirements for any new skills or experience that may be required to take the business forward. We identify and attract world-class talent by providing strategic insight, using a proven proactive and rigorous executive search process and world-class candidate assessment skills. We challenge candidates around cultural fit, motivation, experience and their availability to ensure that only the most suitable and highly qualified individuals are shortlisted. We take pride in the way we work with leaders to provide constructive challenge and support when making these important business decisions.